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Who Can Apply For The Volunteer Program?

Anyone who wants to share in the joy of helping the underprivileged in our communities may ask to volunteer.  There is nothing more satisfying than volunteer work.  The reward in volunteerism comes in knowing that you have touched the lives of others, especially when it could be one of the most critical points in their lives.  Compassion for others and hard work are two essential ingredients that make up a great volunteer.

What are the benefits?

  • Unlimited joy in volunteering and feeding others.
  • Flexible hours and time slots in volunteering.
  • You can volunteer weekly very early morning hours and then head out to regular work.
  • There is no better way of living fulfilled than helping others in need.

Volunteering at United Food Force

Who is a volunteer?

Ageless Volunteering

Volunteering Areas

There are two essential ingredients that make a great volunteer — an attitude to learn and experience new things and a willingness to share one’s experiences and knowledge. Volunteering gives you a lot in return. It is all about the joy of making a difference on the one side, while receiving immense value on the other from the experience of volunteering, meeting people and learning something new every day.

The first and foremost quality of volunteering is the willingness to give of your time and effort in return of nothing. For most people to arrive in their lives to this point, some could be teenage, some could be in their mid twenties or thirties, some could be mid forties or fifties, and many could be there after their retirement from their regular job. Many could pass on without ever arriving at this point in their lives. Don’t miss yours.

When a person receives help from other volunteers, initially one may not notice that he/she is taking fruits of someone else’s time and effort into his/her account. After acknowledging this a few times, one starts realizing that those volunteering are having joy in giving of themselves for others. They too want to experience such joy of giving of themselves to others. Once they taste such joy of giving, they will be volunteers for ever, irrespective of place, time and situation. Their heart will pulsate to give themselves out for others. We have lots of volunteers serving others in the family of United Food Force. We welcome you to become a volunteer and start enjoying the life for it’s contagious.

There are so many areas to volunteer at United Food Force.
Although the spirit in itself remains the same, there are many types of volunteering — volunteering for societal causes, skill-based volunteering and corporate volunteering — that are gaining momentum

Words of Appreciation

How To Apply?

Mode 1: Applying through our Website

It is extremely easy to apply as a volunteer through our website.  Please complete the form by clicking here . We will make sure one of our staff members reaches out to you.

Mode 2: Applying by contacting over phone

Please contact us at 678-272-2000 and we will discuss availability and our volunteer requirements.

Mode 3: Applying by sending an email

You are welcome to send an e-mail with the following information.

Your first and last name
Your contact phone number
Your email address
Your residential address
Your office address
Your office working hours
How many hours do you plan on volunteering weekly?
We will promptly get in touch with you.

Mode 4: Refer a friend or family member to be a volunteer

Most of our volunteers come to us after being referred by friends or people who share in the joy of being helped at United Food Force.

Please provide the following information of volunteer you know:

Your first and last name
Your phone #
Your friend’s first and last name
Your friend’s contact phones #s at home, work and cell phones
Your friend’s email address, if available