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Record Families Served in 2014

United Food Force is proud to announce that our funders, donors, community partners, staff and volunteers have made it possible for us to reach the highest number of families served in the history of this organization, approximately 2,000 weekly.  We thank you all for helping us make this happen in our community. This is a great accomplishment so we applaud not only United Food Force, Inc., Board of Directors, Advisory Board Members, staff and volunteers, but also our recipients, and more importantly our funders, donors and community partners.

It is so encouraging for us to see the growth in the number of families being touched and the positive impact this makes in their lives daily.  We are committed to keeping the pace of this growth and aspire to reach as many underprivileged in our communities going forward.  We will win the battle against hunger, and through education, awareness, nutritional programs, community partnerships, funders, donors, volunteerism and support for basic human needs in our communities, we WILL win the war against hunger – “Uniting Forces To Combat Hunger”.