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We are currently helping over 9,200 individuals weekly or about 500,000 annually with food and resource distributions. Our volunteer program is logging over 1,500 hours per month

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Circumstances beyond our control can change our path in life forever, whether it is failing health, accident, losing job, losing home or something more tragic.  No man, woman or child should go without basic human needs.  It takes an “Army...
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There’s no better way to live in this world with mankind than to show compassion and give hope to someone in need.  If we work together to help those in need, we all have the power to change lives and the power to make the world a better place to live.  We have 17.5 million families that are food-insecure in America.  Food-insecure households had difficulty at some time during the year providing enough food for all their family members due to lack of resources.  We can all do our part to help.  If you’re part of large corporation or small business owner, we would greatly appreciate your help.  The donations that you make can and do change lives of many hungry people in America.  If you can’t donate financially, then we will accept your volunteers to help the underprivileged in our communities.

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